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Generatore di onde sinusoidali e quadre con Pic 16F628 Fare Elettronica n. 340 - ottobre 2013


Assembler Source code

Firmware Binary HEX format (2012 08 11)

PCB 2:1 png format (2012 09)

PCB 2:1 jpg format (2012 09)

PCB 1:1 pdf A4 format (2012 09)



Costruirsi una JREBoard per Pic (universal PIC JREBoard) Fare Elettronica n. 331 - gennaio 2013


Assembler Source code (V 1.0)

Firmware Binary HEX format (V 1.0)

PCB Full version (V 0.1)

PCB Portable version (V 0.1)


Costruirsi un bromografo a lampade UV CQ Elettronica febbraio-marzo 2012


Master per il test dell'esposizione UV (2011/12/14)

Timer countdown per bromografo CQ Elettronica maggio-giugno 2012

Timer Countdown

Schema elettrico DISPLAY (2011/10/01)


PCB Alimentatore

Files di progetto formato KICAD

Source code assembler PIC16F84A

Binario formato .HEX 4 MHz PIC16F84A

Binario formato .HEX 4.194304 MHz PIC16F84A

Schema elettrico variante LCD

Software for Arduino

LiquidMenu Class (.zip format) for LCD LiquidCrystal Class (or compatible)

LiquidMenu Class is a very simple and enable you to create a menu in LCD with slide cursor up and down. It manages section to fit into LCD lines and move the cursor.

Don't need installation: you must copy into Arduino's libraries directory. Next Arduino's ide restart you should have in "file->Examples" menu, the LiquidMenu item. If you don't see verify the follow library files tree:

/arduino main directory/libraries/LiquidMenu/examples/LiquidMenu

In LiquidMenu directory you must see LiquidMenu.cpp,LiquidMenu.h,keywords.txt ad examples dir. In Examples directory you must see LiquidMenu sketch directory.

All files in .zip
LiquidMenu.cpp (file class)
LiquidMenu.h (class header)
keywords.txt (syntax color keywords)
LiquidMenu.ino (example)

Use of library is very simple and fast(example in library should be very clear):

    1) call class constructor
    2) fill menu descriptor string array (every strig added you get index value))
    3) call initmenu for show first section menu
    4) next you manages UP/DOWN button and on every pression you can call moveCursorMenu method with up/down flag.
    5) at user action you can call getMenuSelected method to get index to selected menu.
If you need informations write me.


For NRF24L01+ Poor Man's Wireless 2.4GHz Scanner by Rolf Henkel and modified for I need.

LM35 temperature sensor full range scale application.

LM35 is a sensor that gives a linear precison output in millivolts. It can works in many schemas type. One of these is a full-range scale. It gives an output from -550 mV to +1500 mV for -55C to +150C. For the best precision you need a precision voltage reference. Another problem is unstable read from analog pin (Arduino problem) that you can resolve with an average of values read.

This Arduino sketch permits you to use a full range scale National's datasheet schematic application. You can read analog value from -55 to 150 Celsius degrees (depends type LM35 sensor uses). Standard full range application:

LM35 schematich

You can download the sketch .ino format Full range read for LM35 sensor or Zip files by IK0JRE.

Infra red remote control for ceiling fal, heater and other.

Simple project for control fan, ceiling fan or heater. This project was born for analyze IR REMOTE fan/heater protocol.

This Arduino sketch permits you to use Arduino as protocol reader (very small). The project uses TSOP4838 too as receiver at 38KHz. Is possbile either with 2 switch or serial interface to send command at IR receiver. You can add more switches to drive up to 8 command. The software generates 38KHz carrier and send command with IR led driven from BC337 NPN transistor (schematic in source code).

You can download the last version (0.3B ) of sketch .ino format Ceiling FAN remote control or Zip files by IK0JRE.

Minimal schematic:


Arduino Board and breadboard shield:

Sketch IMAGE

Waveform (with 38KHz carrier) sent from arduino for one key:

Protocol sent

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